Ever wondered who’s who among those frequently mentioned here at Musings? Keep track with this guide:

  • DM, a.k.a. The Den Mother — Me, your humble blogger. For more about me, click on the “About” tab above.
  • DS, a.k.a. The Den Son, formerly Den Teen — My one and only offspring, a guitarist and computer whiz, he has finally figureed out what he wants to do with his life. He is absolutely brilliant, so I know he’ll be successful. Even more, I want him to be happy.
  • DMM, a.k.a. The Den Mother’s Mother — She shares my love of sports and music, is a fabulous cook, and is so deeply religious that we call her “The Reverend.” Her personality quirks drive me nuts, but she probably says the same thing about me.
  • DMF, a.k.a. The Den Mother’s Father — Brilliant like the Den Son, he got his college degree in physics with a minor in philosophy, which means he was interested not only the “what” of the universe but also the “why.” We understood each other. He is dead now, and I miss him.
  • DB, a.k.a. The Den Brother — We fought as kids (when I, being four years older, babysat and made him do chores), but now we’re friends. He has a wife, three kids, two dogs, and a heated pool, all of whom I love, too.
  • LOML, a.k.a. The Love of My Life — The one who got away, we fell in love as teenagers and have never gotten over each other even though he is married to someone else. He’s with me every minute of every day, as I like to think I am with him.
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