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What Grammar Snobs Do for Fun

Friday, October 11, 2013, 08:32 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

The following was an actual text exchange earlier this week between my son and me. By way of background, my usually brilliant father (“Pop” to his grandchildren) is known for periodically mangling the English language, and the Den Son likes to point it out when he does.

Den Son: Pop was just telling me how he untached the screen door.
Den Mother: I’ve never seen that before. What does it look like?
DS: It looks like detaching a door, but irregardless of grammar.
DM: That sounds like a whole nother thing.
DS: Yeah. Alot of them even.
DM: Your not kidding.
DS: Hey did you watch the Patriot’s on Sunday?
DM: No, but I heard there horrible performance on the radio.
DS: Damn. I was going too use that next.

That’s the point at which I admitted defeat. Because bad grammar/spelling/usage is hard work.

So, how many errors can YOU find?

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