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Calendar Coincidences

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CalendarIf you read my previous post, you know that today is the 45th anniversary of my uncle’s death. It is also one of several days on which I ponder the many days on my family calendar that mark multiple events. Apropos of Uncle Nicky:

  • The day he died was also his brother-in-law’s—my father’s—birthday.
  • Janet, Uncle Nicky’s fiance, was born on my maternal grandmother’s birthday.

There are several other shared dates on my mother’s side of the family, including:

  • Cousin Joe’s birth on my mother’s birthday.
  • Cousin Linda’s birth on cousin Rob’s birthday.
  • Cousin Tricia’s birth on cousin Laura’s birthday.
  • My son’s birth on cousin Sally’s birthday.

And that isn’t even including the near-misses, like Uncle Nicky’s birth the day after my mother’s birthday and his namesake cousin Nicky’s birth the day after my brother’s birthday.

On Dad’s side, relatives tend to die on holidays. For example:

  • My great-grandfather died on New Year’s Eve.
  • My grandfather died on Independence Day.
  • My great-aunt died on Thanksgiving.
  • My great-grandmother died on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • My brother died on the second anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing (OK, not a holiday, but a significant historical date nonetheless).

So on Ma’s side, people tend to be born on other relatives’ birthdays, and on Dad’s side, people tend to die on holidays. But one person mixed it up a little:

  • My paternal grandmother was born on Halloween and died on my sister-in-law’s birthday.

Finally, though this wasn’t by chance, my parents were married on my maternal grandmother and almost-aunt’s birthday.

With only 365 or 366 days in any given year, it isn’t unusual that most people would observe some such synchronism among those they know. But I’m not sure I’ve ever known another family with so much of it.

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