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Please Help Find This Missing Student

Friday, October 12, 2012, 14:02 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Lizzi MarriottThis blog gets visitors from all over the world. Today, I’m asking you to please pray for the safe return of a young woman named Lizzi Marriott who has been missing since Tuesday evening. Lizzi is from Westborough, Massachusetts, and is a student at the University of New Hampshire. She and her family are also long-time friends with the Den Son. Her parents are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her safe return.

We all hear news stories about cases like this and our hearts go out to the people involved, but I can tell you that it about 1,000 times worse when it hits closer to home. And I’m only indirectly involved. I can’t imagine what Lizzi’s parents are going through. I don’t want to imagine. That’s why I’m keeping my mind not on how these cases often turn out, but rather on prayer that this one will be different. I hope you will join me, even if you don’t know Lizzi, the Marriotts, the Den Son, or me.

Anyone in the vicinity of UNH can also help in another way, by viewing and/or distributing the flyer that can be found at this link. You can also click on the image below for a little more information.

Lizzi Marriott missing

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