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I Love My New Glasses

Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 22:57 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

My new glassesIt’s been a long time since I could say that. My vision is terrible and as a result my lenses are a bit coke bottle-ish, though the high-index lenses available now make a big difference. Maybe I’m less self-conscious in my 40s than I was in my 20s. Or perhaps the dry eyes that come with age are nudging me ever so gently out of contact lenses and back to spectacles. Those are all reasons why I tolerate my glasses. But love them? That’s because of the frames.

It seems foolish to even have to say that, but think about how many people wear glasses that don’t really suit them. Or they pay a small fortune for “designer” frames that have not much more going for them than the brand name. I’ve never really paid attention to brands when it comes to eyewear. My shopping experience consists of making a once-over through the store, then going back through and trying on the frames I like, ruling out the exorbitantly priced ones, and then asking for the optician’s opinion. It’s amazing the things the optician will notice that I don’t, details like the frames not resting properly on my nose or the hinges being too close to the lenses (something that is a consideration with thicker lenses). With that feedback, it’s usually only another 5-10 minutes before I reach a decision.

This most recent time I got new glasses, a few months ago, I went out on a limb. I chose frames that were darker than I would ordinarily pick, brown rims with a brown/gray/gold swirl pattern on the temples. I thought they made me look studious. The optician opined that they were a good width for my face and framed my eyes well. I didn’t realize until a week later when they were ready for pick-up that the frames I had selected were from Banana Republic, a design called Maddie. I don’t wear Banana Republic clothes, but now I have Banana Republic eyeglasses. Which goes to show, I suppose, that brand names you’ve actually heard of aren’t necessarily overly expensive.

Most importantly, they look good on me, a result that is hard to achieve with a prescription as strong as mine. And come to find out, the optician and I aren’t the only people who like them. A few co-workers went out of their way to compliment me the last time I wore my glasses to work, something I don’t do very often as I ordinarily wear contact lenses all day. And a friend I recently visited in New York City caught me totally off guard when she told me, “You look great in glasses. You should wear them more often.”

All of which is a good thing. I usually go at least five years between new glasses, so when I buy a pair, I’m stuck with them for a while, buyer’s remorse or not. At best, I usually tolerate my glasses. So to actually like them is a big deal for me. It will be a pleasant five years.

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