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So Much for a Mother’s Benevolence

Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 14:39 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Halfway through their Hawaiian vacation, the Den Parents are still texting and/or calling every day to 1) say “Thank you” for the trip, 2) send pictures, 3) relate the day’s activities, or 4) all of the above. The thing is that they’re doing it in such an insensitive way, especially considering that I’m chained to my desk and it’s 40° outside.

There must be something in the Pacific air that is bringing out their mean streaks. DMF generally opens his phone calls with, “Aloha from [insert island name here]!” As if we don’t have the itinerary or forgot they’re in Hawaii. And just now, I got the following messages from DMM via text, to which I have added the link for the reader’s edification:

Another rainbow greetsour [sic] day in paradise. Going to Haleakalah after breakfast this morning. We slept late today…Hawaii time catching us. By time we have to return, we’ll be trapped in this timezone.

Tough decision this morning….walk first, volcano second…..orvolcano [sic] first, walk on return? So many decisions in paradise!

I told her she was being mean, and in resposne, she texted, “Hahahahahahaha!” Which is why I didn’t correct her typos.

Too bad the trip is already paid for. I’ll have to come up with another means of exacating revenge.

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