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Fun with Watercraft

Sunday, March 18, 2012, 23:57 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments
Emsco brochure picture

Emsco Group brochure picture of Tiger Shark kayak

Thirteen months after moving to a town with a really nice lake, I finally bought a kayak. It is a recreational flatwater model I had actually looked at previously but was holding off on buying because it was more than I wanted to spend on something that wasn’t a necessity. But I found it this weekend on sale for $200, paddle included, at Ocean State Job Lot. Since I hadn’t seen it anywhere else for less than $325 (sans paddle), I jumped.

Emsco Tiger Shark kayakMine is all yellow, but otherwise it’s the same item as the one shown in these pictures. Today was a perfect day for being outdoors, sunny with a high temperature around 70°F, so naturally I had to take it on its maiden voyage. I am proud to report that despite being a neophyte, I did just fine and stayed dry. Better still, it was a blast. My technique needs some work—I keep reading that you’re supposed to paddle more with the torso than with the arms—but hey, I live a mile away from the municipal boat ramp and spring hasn’t even started yet. I’ll have many an opportunity to practice.

This afternoon, I joined four girlfriends from town in paddling about 3/4 mile across South Pond to Point Breeze, where we enjoyed food and drinks on the deck. But I suspect that most of my kayaking activity will be solo. It seems like an almost meditative form of exercise, as I’ve heard some people describe running. And now that I have the equipment, using it is free.

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