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Happy Leap Day, Dammit

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 12:16 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

I had planned to use my lunch hour to write an extensive post about February 29th and the folk traditions associated therewith. No such post will be forthcoming because of an unfortunate work situation that has me upset and angry. My employer just announced a layoff of 23 administrative and support staff as of the end of March. Because some of the affected employees are also friends of mine, I just don’t have it in me to be witty right now.

The irony is that the company overall is doing well, or so they tell us. Last week, the Board of Directors announced employee bonuses for results achieved in 2011. My location is preparing for a late 2012-early 2013 move to a new building, currently under construction down the street. Everything, supposedly, is just hunky-dory. The kicker is that the functions performed by those being laid off aren’t being eliminated; from what I’ve been able to gather, their jobs will be moved to one of our larger locations, so we get to rely on nameless, faceless people who don’t know us for our support services. Nothing like being screwed by a great big corporate machine.

How cranky am I? I’m so cranky that I just let loose, at very high volume and with accompanying arm gestures, to my boss about a letter from a client complaining about the terrible service he got from me 14 months ago, which happens to be nine months before I got his case. When I’m upset, I just can’t abide stupidity.

I’m sure you will agree that under the circumstances, it’s best that I don’t try to write something lighthearted and clever. Give me a day or two to simmer down, at which time we will resume normal programming.

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