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The Christmas Tree, Sparklier

Monday, December 12, 2011, 23:39 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments
My Christmas tree, with tinsel

My Christmas tree, now with tinsel! (click to view larger)

It was a banner day for the Den Household’s Christmas decorating efforts. I found tinsel for sale at Wal-Mart and picked up a few boxes (two to use now, two to keep in reserve for next year). I like the effect, how the tinsel picks up the lights. Now this is my idea of the perfect Christmas tree.  All that’s left to do is await some custom extension cords being made for me by the Den Mother’s Father so I can light up my window candles.

Not only did I get my tree tinseled (can tinsel be a verb?) this evening, but I also found the old style C9 light strings online! These are what we used to decorate the exterior of our house, including the shrubs, when I was younger. I loved those lights—they were big and bright and bold—and have just never warmed up to the small lights and, after that, the LEDs that are prevalent now. But when my parents bought a much larger house before I started junior high school, the exterior lights went by the wayside. My house is small enough that I could probably pull it off next year. It will take some planning, but I have time to work it out.

Further contributing to my chipper mood is the fact that I finally found my Manhattan Transfer Christmas CD.  Turns out I had it in among my non-Christmas music.  It’s one of my favorites, being as I am a lover of Christmas music, jazz, and vocal harmony.  That makes 1,131 Christmas songs now on my BlackBerry, which is what I’ve been using for music since my mp3 player died.  (As an added bonus, the new BlackBerry battery I ordered online arrived in today’s mail, so I can get more than an hour out of my phone without having it plugged into a charger.)

All this is happening while the weather is getting colder.  That part I’m not so thrilled about.  But I really shouldn’t complain after the mild autumn we’ve had.

Christmas is only 13 days away, and despite some current personal challenges, I think I’m finally getting into the spirit.

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