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Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2011, 09:20 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Just dropping in for a quick greeting to all my readers for a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving Day for you and yours.

I have learned three things from the experience of preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time:

  1. All that food is expensive. Granted, it’ll produce lots of leftovers that will feed all of us more than once. Also granted, some of the ingredients I bought were staples that had to be replenished or items I didn’t already have like certain spices that I will use again another time, but still. It’s a good thing I won’t care about the cost when I’m eating a delicious meal.
  2. I am indeed the unluckiest person in the world, which is why I am about to drive to CVS and hope that they have a drain opener strong enough to unclog my kitchen sink/disposal. CVS is pretty much the only game in town, since all the supermarkets are closed today, as they should be. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to call Roto-Rooter and pay a jillion dollars an hour for a plumber to snake the pipe. I doubt I can make it through the entire day not being able to use the kitchen sink.
  3. Hofstadter’s Law applies to holiday dinner preparations, too.

Have I mentioned how thankful I am today? I’m thankful I had the money to buy all the finest ingredients for a grade A Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thankful I have family and friends to eat it. I’m thankful that CVS is open. I’m even thankful to Douglas Hofstadter, who is teaching me (slowly) that procrastination is never a good idea.

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