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My To-Do List for the Next Week (and, If Possible, Eat and Sleep)

Thursday, November 17, 2011, 15:45 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Updated November 24 at 21:50 EST

Thursday (after work):

  • Review to-do list in preparation for Thanksgiving Day
  • Begin painting dining room walls

Friday (after work):

  • Have dinner with the girls at Nicole’s place


  • Do weekly laundry
  • Go to hardware store for advice on hanging a large, heavy piece of artwork on a plaster wall
  • Finish painting dining room walls (if time)


  • Go to church (Not done. I’m a baaaad person. Please pray for my immortal soul.)
  • Rake and bag leaves (Well, some of them, anyway.)
  • Prime dining room cabinet
  • Hang artwork, pictures, and knick-knack shelves on living room walls

Monday (after work):

  • Paint dining room cabinet

Tuesday (before work):

  • Drop off bagged leaves at town composting center

Tuesday (after work):

  • Shop for remaining groceries for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Bake cornbread to be used for stuffing, leave out and allow to dry
  • Bake world-famous, award-winning pumpkin cheesecake
  • Hang artwork on dining room walls


  • Wake up early even though I have the day off from work
  • Get a hair cut
  • Pick up fresh turkey at Lowe’s Market
  • Clean bathrooms, vacuum, sweep, dust
  • Prepare any vegetables that can be cooked in advance and heated on Thursday
  • Put up extra table
  • Set dining tables with tablecloths, candles, china, flatware, stemware, and napkins
  • Take inventory of serving pieces needed for Thanksgiving dinner; borrow extras if necesesary
  • Set serving pieces on sideboards


  • Stuff and roast turkey, cook or heat vegetables, make gravy
  • Come to terms with the fact that the front entryway didn’t get painted by today, the windows didn’t get washed, and the silver isn’t quite as shiny as it could be; resolve to do all of this before Christmas
  • Be the gracious hostess for dinner and dessert with family and friends
  • Light a post-dinner fire in the fireplace and play Christmas music on the stereo
  • Wash and put away dishes, ✔store leftovers, launder tablecloths and napkins (can’t wash the dishes until I get my kitchen sink drain unclogged—more later)
  • Be thankful
  • Collapse, exhausted, into bed
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