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I Think, Therefore I Blog; I Hurt, Therefore … ?

Thursday, July 21, 2011, 22:10 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

This post is #1,130 on this blog. Technically, post #1 wasn’t a blog post at all, but rather a collection of previous brief musings I had originally posted on my personal website. When I decided to start a blog, I kicked it off with a post that reproduced them. That was on September 9, 2001. I posted again on October 14, 2011, after some of the shock of the terrorist attacks had worn off. Then I posted only twice more in the next year.

This blog, in its prior incarnation on Blogger, took off in April 2004, when I posted 25 times. I don’t know what prompted me to write so much, but it continued for some time and I had a pretty good run for about 2½ years before dropping off again. The years 2007, 2008, and most of 2009 were very slow. The blog was waning.

That changed in late 2009. Check out the numbers:

Blogging history

What happened near the end of 2009? A personal revelation and ensuing emotional upheaval. At times it reached crisis proportions. I threw myself into blogging as a sort of pressure release valve, although most of what I wrote about had nothing to do with my situation. It was as if by writing about whatever came to mind, I could better handle the issue I wasn’t writing about. But I wrote a little about the issue, too.

Now, my emotional crisis is at a new zenith. My reaction is quite different this time, though. I feel less like writing, not more. For reasons I can’t explain, the motivation just isn’t there. That might change if I read or experience something that gets me fired up (it’s hard not to blog when I get feeling all high and mighty) but I don’t know when that will happen. Until it does, I need to be alone with myself. My heart and soul are in shreds. Under the circumstances, it’s best for me to direct my energy inward.

I am tempted to say that I’ll blog once or twice a week, even if it’s just a re-post like what I did for a few days last month. But I don’t want to be tied to even that light schedule.

So I’m doing what a blogger with a regular following should never, ever do under any circumstances besides death or coma: leaving you all hanging indefinitely. All I can tell you is that I’ll post when I can, whenever that is. It might be more frequent than I anticipate, but I can’t make any guarantees. The point is, don’t expect any regularity of blogging for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading, and for understanding.

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