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Cancer Never Sleeps, and Neither Do I

Saturday, June 18, 2011, 02:55 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Please donate!It’s 2:52 a.m. and I’m on a field at Holy Cross College listening to my mp3 player while walking around an oval with strangers. “Surely you’ve lost my mind,” you’re saying. Why yes, I have, and don’t call me Shirley.

I’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

But seriously, I’m doing something important: Relaying for Life and for TOTAL VICTORY in the fight against cancer. I have raised over $1,800 for the American Cancer Society’s research, prevention, treatment, and patient/caregiver support efforts. But that’s far short of my goal. That’s why I need your help.

Who in your life has fallen victim to cancer? Who is fighting now? Who has survived? All of those people know how important it is to win this battle. Show them that you do too by making a donation in their memory or honor to the American Cancer Society. My Relay event ends tomorrow, but my fundraising effort continues through the summer.

I’m Relaying tonight because of a great many family members and friends. I Relay in memory of the victims who have died, especially David, Gramps, Julia, Ron, Uncle Horace, Uncle Stanley, Anne, Marfie, Joe, Christine, Ruth, Jim, Bruce, Eileen, Colleen K, Colleen O, Carole, Dot, Christopher… I Relay in honor of survivors, including Auntie Irene, Uncle Carl, Jean-Marie, Carolyn, Mary, Clare, Kellie, Diane, Byron, Danielle… I relay in support of those now fighting, especially Uncle Bob, Jake, Sharon, Emile… I Relay for those dear to my donors, including Corinda, Jean, Margaret, Raymond, Sammy, Jannie and Joe, members of Irene and Scot’s family…

Please help me honor your own special people. Your secure online donation will go directly to the American Cancer Society. It just might one of your dollars will fund the next breakthrough.

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