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Help Me Fight Cancer

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NOTE: Relay for Life is one week from today, so I’m bumping this up. If you are inclined to donate, please go to my fundraising page. Your credit card information is never seen by me and is used only by the American Cancer Society to process your donation.

Please donate!In a couple of weeks, I will walk with my work team in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Most of you are probably familiar with Relay, a series of events throughout the country in which teams of people collect donations and walk in honor of those who have been struck by cancer.

I grew up with the reality of cancer from an early age, when my two-year-old brother was diagnosed with leukemia. Chemotherapy brought his cancer into remission twice, considered a huge success at that time, but he died three years after being diagnosed. Since then, I have lost my grandfather, uncle, and cousin to lung cancer, another cousin to lymphoma, a grand-uncle to colon cancer, and many friends to breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, and several other forms of this horrible collection of diseases.

Currently, my uncle is struggling with bladder cancer and a good friend from college was just diagnosed with stage II melanoma. They both face uphill battles.

But I also know many people who have beaten their cancers. My aunt, two high school friends, and two dear family friends are breast cancer survivors. One of my closest friends, whom I met through work, is a skin cancer survivor. Interestingly, she doesn’t use that term for herself because “it was just squamous cell carcinoma,” but the fact is that it can spread and become deadly if left untreated. The fact that it can be treated successfully is an example of what can happen with other cancers if we could only develop better diagnostic tools and more effective treatments.

So it’s with all that in mind that I ask you to help me raise money for the American Cancer Society. The work the ACS does is so important: funding research, educating the public about cancer prevention and the importance of screening, and providing patient services and caregiver support. Every dollar helps support those activities. Maybe, the dollar you give will be the one that funds a breakthrough.

I have a hefty fundraising goal, trying to top the amount I raised the last two years, when I was a top-10 fundraiser at my Relay.  If you are inclined to help me meet my goal, please visit my fundraising page for Relay 2011 and make an online donation. If you would like your donation to be in memory of a cancer victim or in honor of a patient or survivor, please leave that information in the note section of the donation form.

Many thanks.

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