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Reasons #1,537 and 1,538 Why I Love Bobby Orr

Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 14:43 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Besides being the best hockey player ever and more adorable than any human being has a right to be (he was the original object of my lust from way before I even knew what lust was, and that weakness for hockey-playing Ontarians with bad knees carried over into my adult life), the great Bobby Orr is also intelligent and insightful. And he went even more nuts over the Aaron Rome suspension than I did:

An angry Bobby Orr said the NHL’s suspension of Aaron Rome for his blindside cheap shot that sent Nathan Horton to the hospital with a severe concussion is “absolute garbage” and in no way compensates for the loss of the Bruins’ clutch right winger.

“Who cares if they suspend him. I’d want him in the lineup,” an emotional Orr, whose Orr Hockey Group represents Horton, told the Track. “It was absolute bull. It was uncalled for. It was wrong and you lose Nathan Horton for god’s sake. What does a fine mean? What does a suspension mean? Nothing. It’s absolute garbage. A blindside hit, late and high, is everything that the league despises and says they don’t want in the game.”

[ . . . ]

“To lose Nate Horton for a player by the name of Rome, it’s not fair,” he said.

Is he fired up, or what? This is a guy who is ordinarily very in control, very polite. But he is clearly pissed. “I’d want him in the lineup” sounds like Orr would just love to lace up the old skates, lack of knee cartilage be damned, and have a crack at Rome himself. And I love the dig—”a player by the name of Rome”—as if to say that Rome is not worthy of being on the ice at the same time as Horton, something that is backed up by a cursory comparison of statistics.

Honestly, I just love a man pumped up with righteous indignation. But if that weren’t enough, Orr also had this to say:

“It’s exciting [to have the Bruins back in the finals]. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen The Gaaaahden that noisy and people so excited,” he said. “On the streets, on the golf course, I see all kinds of Bruins hats and T-shirts. This city is all about the champions and it’s incredible to see the Bruins there now.”

That from a guy who was there the last time the Bruins were champions. Be still, my heart.

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