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Storm Pictures and Other Details

Friday, June 3, 2011, 20:46 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

The Boston Globe has dozens of pictures of the damage caused by Wednesday’s tornadoes and severe thunderstorms here and here. It’s amazing that only four people were killed.

This map, also from the Globe, shows graphically where tornadoes have struck in Massachusetts from 1950 through 2010.

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette has several articles about the storms’ impact on central Massachusetts.

MassLife.com has identified two of the tornado victims as Angelica Guerrero and Sergey Livchin. Guerrero was crushed when her house collapsed; she was shielding her daughter with her body. A third victim was from the town of Brimfield. I heard yesterday that the fourth reported victim actually died of a heart attack and isn’t considered a tornado casualty.

The Hartford Courant has a timeline of Wednesday’s storms. The last entry, 7:20, documents a tornado heading toward Oxford. At about that time, I was driving through Oxford on the highway heading for home. The rain was coming down in sheets, some pea-sized hail fell for about a minute, and the sky was dark gray.

I saved my own timeline in the form of text alerts from WBZ-TV in Boston. After I deleted the first few about tornado watches throughout Massachusetts (a watch means atmospheric conditions in which tornadoes can form, whereas a warning means an actual tornado has formed), here’s what followed. I’ve added links as well as my own comments in italics.

  • Wed 15:42 — Tornado WARNING until 4pm for Franklin County and Hampden County. It includes cities of Northampton and Amherst. [DM: Northampton and Amherst are actually in Hampshire County, which is sandwiched between Hampden to the north and Franklin to the south.]
  • Wed 16:13 — Severe Weather Alert: Tornado warning in effect for West-Central Worcester County until 4:45 p.m. [DM: I work in central Worcester County and live in the south-central part.]
  • Wed 16:41 — Severe Weather Alert: Tornado Warning issued for Southwestern Worcester County until 5:15pm.
  • Wed 17:16 — Severe Weather Alert: Tornado Warning until 5:45pm for Central Worcester County (including Worcester), West Central Norfolk County & South Central M [DM: Text ended there. I was in Worcester at that time.]
  • Wed 17:27 — Tornado Warning also in effect until 5:45pm for South Central Middlesex County, including Framingham.
  • Wed 17:38 — Tornado Warning until 6:15 p.m. issued for parts of southern Worcester County and southwestern Norfolk County.
  • Wed 17:56 — Tornado Warning for parts of southern Worcester County and Norfolk County extended to 6:30pm.
  • Wed 18:18 — Tornado Warning until 7pm for Southwestern Worcester County, Eastern Hampden County, Southeastern Hampshire County.
  • Wed 19:12 — Tornado Warning until 8 p.m. for southern Worcester County, southeastern Hampden County.
  • Wed 19:21 — New Tornado Warning until 8pm for northern Worcester County, NW Middlesex County, SE Cheshire County, south central Hillsborough County, NE Franklin [DM: Cheshire and Hillsborough Counties are in southern New Hampshire, bordering west-central Massachusetts.]
  • Wed 20:06 — Tornado Watch extended until 11pm for southern New Hampshire and most of Massachusetts (except the Cape & Islands). [Cape Cod is Barnstable County; “the Islands” are Nantucket, which comprises the entirety of Nantucket County, and Martha’s Vineyard which, along with the small archipelago called the Elizabeth Islands, makes up Dukes County.]
  • Wed 20:07 — Gov. Patrick declares State of Emergency in Mass. and confirms at least one death in West Springfield due to tornado.
  • Wed 20:53 — Peter Judge from MEMA has confirmed with WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Dan Rea that four people have been killed in today’s severe weather outbreak.
  • Thu 16:06 — Gov. Patrick says National Weather Service confirms at least three tornadoes touched down in Massachusetts on Wednesday.
  • Fri 12:41 — National Weather Service declares one of Wednesday’s tornadoes an EF-3, third highest ranking in terms of damage, winds 136 to 165 mph.
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