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Meanwhile, in My Dreams

Monday, May 30, 2011, 23:28 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

My long holiday weekend is mere minutes from being over, and among my various activities was some catching up on sleep. Boring, right? Maybe, until you consider that there’s sleep, there are often dreams.

This weekend’s dreams were vivid and full of realistic details. You’d think that Friday night would have brought dreams of hockey and a really big trophy I hope will belong to the Bruins in a couple weeks, but that would make too much sense. What dreams did come that night were no less pleasant, though.

I dreamt of being in several normal everyday situations with the love of my life. What exactly those situations were I can’t remember and isn’t important. The important part is that we took every opportunity to steal kisses wherever and whenever we could. It was the kind of thing a couple does when they’re intensely, passionately in love. He looked, sounded, acted, and felt exactly like he really does. Talk about waking up in a good mood.

But last night, as if my subconscious was trying to neutralize any lingering happy thoughts, I dreamt that he told me that he was finally figuring out his life, including his love life, and had narrowed down his choice of women to two. The good part is that I was one of the two. The bad part was that I had no idea there were others in the running. It was very strange, like expecting a job offer but being told instead that you were merely a finalist. Worse still, I knew somehow that in the end, I would be the odd one out.

I’m almost afraid to see what happens tonight. Maybe that’s why I’m avoiding sleep…

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