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More of Those Damned Dreams

Friday, May 13, 2011, 14:43 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Guinea pig dream interpretation (click to view larger)Hot on the tail of a couple disconcerting dreams earlier this week came one last night that was downright disturbing.

Have you ever had a dream in which you were being chased and couldn’t run away? I haven’t had a chasing dream per se, but at different points in my life I have dreamt that I was trying with some urgency to run (to or what, I can never figure out) but couldn’t because my legs were too heavy to move. The meaning seems clear: I am trying to escape something or reach something else, but I can’t because I’m stuck. Sometimes when it happens, I am already aware of what I’m fleeing from or reaching for, which leaves me to wonder why my mind bothers to dream about it.

Last night, I had a dream that strikes me the same way—why am I dreaming about this?—but was (mostly) much more literal, but with elements of absurdity. I was out of town, visiting the love of my life and staying at the home of him and his wife. In the dream, she suspected he and I were messing around (we weren’t, nor are we in reality, I feel compelled to point out). In order to discuss the situation outside her presence, we attempted to meet without her knowledge. The absurd part, as if being a house guest of my ex-bf and his wife isn’t absurd enough, is that we met in very public places like drug stores (the greeting card section seemed like appropriate spot, for some reason) and common areas in shopping malls. Even more bizarre was the part in the dream when my son and I were in our car traveling throughout the city while fully aware that the car was being remote-controlled from afar by the aforementioned wife.

A seasoned psychoanalyst could probably have a field day with the whole thing, but all I can figure out is that the remote-controlled car thing might have something to do with feeling like someone else is controlling the future course of my life. It’s certainly a new one in my dream history. What doesn’t bother me is the part where I was trying to convince her that I really wasn’t boinking her husband but she wasn’t buying it. I have long since come to terms with the fact that people won’t always believe what I say, sincerity or veracity notwithstanding. Besides, it beats the dreams I’ve had in which I was screaming for help but people right next to me didn’t hear. Trust me, that is a dream from which you awaken in a cold sweat.

What adventures await me in dreamland tonight? Time will tell. Meanwhile, I think I’ll create a new category here for “dreams and messages,” just so I’ll have somewhere to put the stories to come.

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