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Strange Dreams

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 11:29 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

QuestionsThe last two nights have brought some odd dreams. I don’t usually remember my dreams with specificity, but in these cases they had such an impact that I replayed them in my brain after I awoke, burning them into my conscious memory.

One dream, the night before last, involved my health. In it, I was making a list of ongoing issues to discuss with my doctor at my next annual physical. That part isn’t odd; I really do that. The odd part is that in the dream, I thought the symptoms were significant enough to warrant calling the doctor now. I haven’t felt that way in my waking hours, during which I attribute my assorted symptoms to perimenopause, but the dream has me wondering if my concern is deeper than I am aware of. So I have something to ponder over the next few days.

The other dream, which came last night, is less related to things I am experiencing in my own life but unsettles me much more. I dreamed I got married. I don’t know who the man was and that detail isn’t important; I married him because I didn’t want to be alone any more. I had doubts about it before and regrets about it after (“I’ve really done it now, and it can’t easily be undone”), particularly because it meant I would have to call the love of my life and tell him, then give up any hope of reconciling with him. How I handled it was by simply deciding to make the best of it and will myself to be happy. I made my bed, now I have to lie in it.

Although that situation hasn’t happened to me, it bears a striking resemblance to what happened to the aforementioned love of my life. I have struggled for a while to empathize with him and understand his feelings, with only limited and fleeting success. Suddenly, after this dream, I feel as if I have walked in his shoes.

This newfound awareness should comfort me, but instead it leaves me uneasy. What if this were my own life? How would I deal with the emotional ups and downs? How would I reconcile my heart with my head? Would it even be possible to do so? I can’t imagine having to try. Yet my soul mate is working very hard at doing just that.

I have always believed that dreams come from within, from the unresolved struggles of day-to-day life or the bigger issues that the conscious mind can’t bring itself to face. In this case, I wonder if my dream was some sort of revelation from outside myself, the answer to a long-time prayer for understanding. If so, I finally have the understanding I have sought, but with it comes the angst he must be feeling. I am both blessed and cursed.

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