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Political Profiles in Stupidity

Friday, March 4, 2011, 11:01 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Out - will return whenever I wantAmong the major differences between Democrats and Republicans is that when Democrats are in the majority, they consider it a public endorsement of whatever they want to do, whereas when they’re in the minority, they suddenly stop caring about election results. Another difference is that when in the minority, Republicans stick around like nettles and Democrats take their marbles and go home out of state.

This new trend is the topic of a Washington Post article entitled, “Democratic legislators embracing tactic to gain leverage: Fleeing.” Usually running away if you don’t get your way is called quitting, but apparently if you’re a Democratic legislator, it’s a “tactic.” I’ll be sure to write that down.

Also noted is this tidbit, which in some Orwellian parallel universe might be considered logic, from Indiana state Rep. Kreg Battles:

I will say as a minority member I don’t expect to run the show. But I do expect my voice to get heard, and this is a way that we can demand that we’re not locked out of the process.

Note to Rep. Battles: If you want your “voice to get heard” and avoid being “locked out of the process,” a more effective tactic would be to, you know, not remove yourself from the process. Instead, show up to work, participate in debate on the floor of the legislature, and then vote. It’s really quite simple. That’s the only way your voice counts.

So to all you whining AWOL Dems out there, it’s time to cut the toddler tantrum crap and do your jobs.

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