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Mr. Obama Meets Miss Clairol

Monday, January 17, 2011, 07:58 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments
Before and after

President Obama's hair last Wednesday (left) and three days later

Or Just for Men. Or more likely, some custom color job done by whichever hair stylist has done his hair for the last two years, because I’m pretty sure the President of the United States doesn’t just walk down the street to the corner barber shop for a trim. Whoever did it, Ann Althouse notes that Obama’s hair color is suddenly darker, the gray that has crept in since he took office now gone.

Obama isn’t the first President to dye his hair while in office, if pretty much everyone’s suspicions about Ronald Reagan were true. He might be the first one to start dying it after having an obvious amount of gray. Hair coloring isn’t my style (and I’ve been gray a lot longer than Obama has, despite being three years younger), but there’s nothing wrong with it. The Presidency is the world’s most stressful job, and it takes its toll on the occupant’s appearance. If he wants to change his hair color, then why not? Women in politics (not to mention men and women in other walks of life) do it all the time.

At least he isn’t injecting poison into his forehead (coughBidencough).

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