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What Have They Done to My BlackBerry Tones?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 18:29 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Ring ToneI downloaded the new BlackBerry OS version 6 last night. As the folks at CrackBerry pointed out last summer, BlackBerry 6 is essentially the same operating system they’ve had for a while, but with a spiffy new interface. In less than 24 hours, I have come to like it. A lot. The only problem is that many of the familiar alert tones I have come to associate with certain actions (arrival of a text message, an appointment reminder, a new voice mail message) are gone, replaced with new tones.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have new tones. The old ones can get boring. Some of the new ones are cute, and I could easily get used to them. Unfortunately, there is one tone I simply cannot do without: the Notifier_Sonar tone.

As the name implies, it sounds like that “ping” with a little trailing echo. You hear it in movies about submarine warfare when an enemy ship is approaching. It’s the sonar equivalent of a radar “blip.” But what it sounds like isn’t the reason I like it so much. The reason is more emotional.

Ever since I’ve had a Blackberry (about a year and a half), the sonar tone has been associated with an incoming BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry message. Anyone with a BlackBerry who has my device ID (a unique alphanumeric identifier associated with a particular handset, not an individual user) can send me what BlackBerry users refer to as a pin, so called because the ID number is known as a PIN.

In theory, any of my friends who are BlackBerry users can send me a pin. But only one ever has. Because of that, I associate the sonar tone with him, so much so that upon realizing that it was not included in the operating system upgrade, I immediately did a Google search to find it. And because BlackBerry (like many cell phones) lets you use an mp3 file as a ringtone, I was able to download the tone and add it back onto my device.

This evening, I’ll listen to the other tones and figure out what I want to use for notifications for everything else. But the next time a certain someone sends me a pin, I will hear that tone that sets my heart aflutter.

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