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Meanwhile, Outside My Window…

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 15:06 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

My benevolent employer was closed on Monday in observance of the New Year’s Day holiday (though not on New Year’s Eve; something about needing the paid holiday to be in the same payroll year as the actual holiday), so I expected that Tuesday would be a bit busy. Clients would have presumed us to be open on Monday and would have left telephone messages, plus there was mail delivery that day, which add up to a hectic first day of the work week. And so it was, just as I expected. What I didn’t expect was this:

Bucket truck

Just in case it isn’t clear, that’s the bucket on a cherry picker. There’s a person in the bucket.

As long-time readers know, I have a thing about heights, so seeing someone in a bucket outside my window is disconcerting. True, my office is on the first floor. Also true, the front entrance of our building is on the second floor. But in a city like Worcester, where large buildings were constructed on hillsides, under such circumstances it is possible for the bucket man outside my first floor window to be three stories up.

The man in the bucket was changing a bulb in an exterior flood lamp, so he was down before too long. I continued my work, relieved to have a job that keeps my feet firmly on the ground.

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