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Stupid Is As Stupid Does, with Apologies to Forrest Gump

Thursday, December 16, 2010, 18:36 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s official. I am now convinced that every Sarah Palin hater is an imbecile. EVERY one. And if you’re reading this and indignantly wondering if I am talking about you too, be assured that I am.

What prompted this missive is this anniversary:

In Boston, the arrival of three tea ships ignited a furious reaction. The crisis came to a head on December 16, 1773 when as many as 7,000 agitated locals milled about the wharf where the ships were docked. A mass meeting at the Old South Meeting House that morning resolved that the tea ships should leave the harbor without payment of any duty. A committee was selected to take this message to the Customs House to force release of the ships out of the harbor. The Collector of Customs refused to allow the ships to leave without payment of the duty. Stalemate. The committee reported back to the mass meeting and a howl erupted from the meeting hall. It was now early evening and a group of about 200 men, some disguised as Indians, assembled on a near-by hill. Whopping war chants, the crowd marched two-by-two to the wharf, descended upon the three ships and dumped their offending cargos of tea into the harbor waters.

Those keeping score at home will note that today is December 16, 2010—the 237th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. It is an historical fact of which the country’s most brilliant liberals were adorably unaware when they came up with the bright idea of mocking Palin for cautioning Tea Partiers before last month’s mid-term elections to refrain from partying “like it’s 1773.” In the dark and dusty recesses of some people’s brains, the fact that they had no idea what Palin was talking about somehow made her, rather than themselves, stupid.

But it isn’t stupid to forget one long-ago historical date. What is stupid, stunningly so, is to ignore the adage that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. And here is the latest from some anti-Palin fool at the Associated Press, with a hat tip to the Daily Caller:

The Palins in Haiti

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, center, has her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center set up by the NGO Samaritan's Purse in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010. Palin arrived Saturday in Haiti as part of a brief humanitarian mission in an impoverished nation struggling to overcome post-election violence and a cholera epidemic. At right, Palin's husband, Todd Palin. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery)

The rub is that the person to Palin’s right supposedly doing her hair was her oldest daughter, Bristol, who apparently was tucking an errant tress into whatever clip or barrette or bobby pin her mother was sporting. Does Bristol’s action constitute doing her mother’s hair? Sure, in the same way that I once did my mother’s wardrobe by tucking in a tag that was sticking up from the back of her shirt one time at a baseball game. I suppose that if Palin had brushed back her own wayward lock, she would have been doing her own hair. Or something.

The caption was obviously designed to portray Palin as vain enough to bring along her own hair stylist on a humanitarian mission to a devastated and impoverished third-world nation. Instead, it managed to portray the AP photographer (or the caption writer, if it was someone different) as melodramatic at best and deceptive at worst. But that didn’t stop Michael Shaw of the Huffington Post from dutifully propagating the meme by decrying “Sarah getting her hair made up like this field hospital is her movie set,” though at least he had the good sense to admit, via an update, that his characterization was excrement.

Meanwhile, the histrionic folks over at MSNBC did their best to defend the AP by claiming that the photographer couldn’t “recognize Bristol by her armpit.” Except that the photographer didn’t have to recognize Bristol from just the still photo because, you know, he was there at the time he took it. See, even their excuses are stupid.

But perhaps the most idiotic reaction comes from the aforementioned Shaw, who goes on to hyperventilate that “the multiple shots of Sarah sanitizing and washing her hands suggests the former Gov is primarily concerned, above all humanitarian else, about catching something.” What a selfish bitch, not wanting to catch cholera. Michael Shaw would willingly and deliberately catch cholera to show his solidarity with the downtrodden Haitian people, because that would really help them. Then he would further demonstrate his philanthropic generosity by sharing the germs with the Haitians who didn’t already have them.

See what I mean? Imbeciles, every one of them, and they just can’t help themselves. For a blogger like me, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. So keep screeching, lefties of the nation. Somewhere, there’s still a little doubt left.

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