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Old Photos

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I have been going through some old photos (slides, actually, that we had digitally scanned) as part of a belated birthday project for my father. The slides were all supposed to be from his 1981 expedition to arctic Alaska, and most of them are. But mixed in were some old family pictures. Just for kicks, here are a few of the Den Mother as a little girl. Was I just the cutest thing, or what?

The future Den Mother

The future Den Mother

I’m not sure when this was taken, but judging from the hair cut it must have been when I was about 3 or 4. Since it was at my grandparents’ house in Connecticut, it was probably immediately after we moved back East from California. What I love about this photo is those blocks that were so popular in the 1960s. They were hollow plastic and hooked together like this. My brothers and I played with these for years. It’s been a long time since I shopped for children’s toys, so I have no idea if they still make anything like them. The ones we had were probably made with some chemical that would be harmful if microwaved or consumed by lab mice, but since we didn’t have microwave ovens and weren’t lab mice, it really didn’t matter.

With the Den Mother's mother

Mother and daughter, digging the red plaid

Check me out, hanging with Ma in the kitchen. This was a few months after the first picture, probably around Thanksgiving, in the house we lived in for eight years. You can tell the era from the ugly brown range, which perfectly matched the refrigerator that didn’t make it into the picture. At least the appliances weren’t avocado green or harvest gold. In another 40 years, people will probably look at old pictures of stainless steel appliances and think they were awful, too. Times change and tastes change (though white appliances never go out of style, in my humble opinion). And speaking of style, I don’t recall plaid being this trendy in the late ’60s, but it must have been. My mother was quite the fashion plate back in the day.

At Gram and Gramps' house

I had forgotten how much my ears used to stick out

Hey look, there’s the plaid skirt again, paired this time with black tights instead of white and a bright red sweater. Accessories make a whole new look, don’t they? Here I am back at Gram and Gramps’ house. They lived in a big, beautiful old house in an urban neighborhood, the kind with narrow, deep lots and houses to match. This was the living room at the front of the house; the french doors to the left of the tree led into the dining room and a den off the side, and the kitchen was at the back. Last summer while I was house-hunting, I looked at a house that was laid out almost exactly like this, and I felt so comfortable there that I would have jumped on it in a heartbeat if I could have afforded a renovation. There’s nothing like the warmth and charm of an old house.

And that concludes today’s walk down memory lane with the Den Mother. I think I’ll go shopping this weekend and try to find a red plaid skirt to wear for Christmas.

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