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My Little Corner of the Work World

Thursday, December 9, 2010, 08:21 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but here in the office, jolly only works if it’s safe. Real wreathes and cut trees are strictly prohibited, as are Christmas lights and any other decoration that plugs in. With nearly 700 people and lots of flammable stuff in our two buildings, you can’t be too careful.

That leaves few options for those of us who want to add a little Christmas cheer to our 9-to-5 environment.

In my corner (literally), my two neighbors and I have a little table upon which we display whatever strikes our fancy. It’s nothing great, but this is it right now:

Outside my office

In case you’re wondering, that’s a little wooden Christmas tree with little wooden ornaments and a few little Christmasy looking toy figures, along with a bunch of other stuff that’s there year-round.  The rest of the items are an old rendering of our main building, a color cutout of the front entrance, a couple old Beatles prints, and some paperwork discovered in the archives from one of our long-ago predecessory companies.  Oh, plus an empty candy jar.  Sweets don’t last long around here.

Wooden Christmas treeThe tree (click at right for to view a larger image) is my addition to the display. I picked it up a year ago at Newbury Comics, where it was the last one left and was marked way down because a couple spots needed to be glued. I considered using it as a sort of Advent calendar, hanging one of the 24 ornaments (excluding the little balls near the top) each day in December until Christmas, but my co-workers and I needed the full festive effect immediately. We are all more than a little weary of this sunset-at-4:15 crap, the disadvantage of living near the eastern edge of a time zone. (It could be worse. In Lubec, Maine — the easternmost point in the continental United States — sunset yesterday was at 3:46.)

A couple doors down, another woman hangs a seasonal wooden figure that changes every month or so; right now there are two, a snowman and a Christmas tree. Elsewhere in the vicinity are all manner of artificial and decorative mini-trees, tinsel garland, and ornaments. One person has her cubicle bedecked in silver and blue for Chanukah. Scattered about are snowmen and decorative snowflakes that will stay up through the winter.

If we are to spend most of our waking hours here, it’s worth making the place a little more personal, a little more comfortable.

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