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Wow, Someone Is Pissed

Monday, November 22, 2010, 12:07 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Glenn Reynolds has linked to this piece by a conservative military wife known only as “Stop Shouting” who explains why she has decided to adopt the unsavory political tactics of the left. I can’t decide which parts to excerpt, so I will ask you to go there yourself and read the whole thing. Look for the parts where she talks about the “intellectually lazy” left, calls them “Hopeium addicts,” and decries their “Islamofascist ‘love-in'” protests.

I don’t know the backstory that prompted this particular post, and I don’t have time to read the rest of the blog and find out. So I can’t give an opinion on the appropriateness of the anger expressed there. But I can relate to being the target of the personalized viciousness of some liberals. The most jarring of many such experiences was being confronted by pro-abortion demonstrators outside a political rally for a pro-life politician. After appealing to me “as a woman” to not enter, a very angry protester who identified herself as a physician from Planned Parenthood shouted at me that the best thing that could happen to me was to be raped and get pregnant as a result. I can also relate to the tendency of the left’s more histrionic denizens to favor invective over information, most recently demonstrated by a comment exchange I had last week on this very blog with a reader who stubbornly refused to be confused by the facts.

Was “Stop Shouting” on the receiving end of similar irrationality and hatred? If so, it’s unfortunate that she feels that her only recourse is to give as good as she gets.

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