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Guantanamero melodyLast night, for no particular reason, I dreamt of the song “Guantanamera,” made famous by The Sandpipers in 1966. I don’t think I’ve heard it since I went to a Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie concert in the late 1980s at Great Woods. But it’s one of the songs I associate strongly with my childhood, long before I knew any Spanish or had heard of Guantánamo, Cuba. I remember hearing it on the car radio when we lived in southern California, perhaps even as we drove down the Santa Susana Pass by the Spahn Ranch, home of the infamous Manson Family before they were infamous, but not before my mother formed the conclusion that “There’s something wrong with those people.” But I digress.

What made me think of that song while I slept? I’m not a big believer in dream interpretation; it makes enough sense to me that we continue thought processes when we sleep that began when we were awake. To the extent there is any symbolism, it’s straightforward (such as the dream I sometimes have in which I’m flying freely around my old neighborhood, which I interpret to mean that I feel comfortable and free there). Maybe dreams are more revelatory for those who don’t face their concerns while they are awake, as when I had childhood nightmares following the death of my brother: my parents took me to a child psychologist, and once I started talking about it, the nightmares stopped.

My “Guantanamera” dream was much more pleasant, although in it the song was called “Juan tanu mera,” which as far as I know doesn’t actually mean anything. I’m not spending too much time—OK, any time—wondering where it came from. But the song is stuck in my head now. This evening, I’ll have to download it from Amazon.

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