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My World Famous Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Is Now…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 18:42 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

…my world famous AWARD-WINNING spiced pumpkin cheesecake! Judges’ choice in the Cakes category at today’s Unum United Way Cook-Off, baby! The honor comes with a $50 prize, which is about $15 more than what the ingredients cost me. Don’t you just love a profit?

Because we had to provide tasting samples for the judges and up to 200 employees (the People’s Choice part of the contest, the results of which have not yet been announced see update below), I had to make two cakes: one that would be judged for presentation before being cut, and another just for cutting. For garnish on the presentation cake, I used sliced gourds, a dollop of whipped cream, and mums clipped just minutes earlier from the planters outside our building.

The event did not go entirely smoothly; after making the first cut to begin dishing out samples, I wiped the knife blade with a paper towel and cut my finger. The tasters were pleased that I avoided bleeding on the cake. One judge, a senior VP and general counsel at our company and the co-chair of this year’s United Way of Central Massachusetts campaign, quipped that I might have a worker’s compensation claim.

I’d like to thank the judges for their votes, my mother for the use of her oven (which holds a pan large enough for a proper bain-marie), and my friend and co-worker Sandy H. for entering me in the contest without my prior consent. When I was taking the second cake out of the oven at 1:00 this morning I was cursing her, but now that I’ve won $50, all is forgiven. Everyone has a price, and apparently mine is $50.

UPDATED 2:53pm — I won the People’s Choice award too. Hooray for me!

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