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They Aren’t Like Us

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 22:59 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Via Ann Althouse, I see the New York Times ran an article yesterday about chemical attacks against girls’ schools in Afghanistan, a topic I was just discussing Sunday with my cousin, Lt. Col. Jonathan L., just back from Kabul. Jon has two daughters, both in the lower elementary grades, who don’t have to worry about Neaderthals trying to keep them out of school. If such a thing were happening here, presumably we would want the feds to protect them and guarantee their safe attendance, like National Guard troops did in the south during the earliest days of school integration. I’d like to ask some of the people who think we should leave Afghanistan why American girls are more deserving of education than Afghani girls. The answer, I suspect, is simple xenophobia. One aging hippie actually once said to me years ago in reference to the controversy over education of females in Afghanistan, “We can’t impose our culture on them. Our ways aren’t their ways.” So much for universal human rights.

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