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Sometimes, Peaceful People Aren’t

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One of Ann Althouse‘s commenters recalls and opines on the 1970 bombing of a University of Wisconsin academic building by opponents of American involvement in the Vietnam War:

My roommate asked a fireman “What happened?” He answered “It was a bomb.” That answer was shocking. How could it have been a bomb? You mean someone did this on purpose? How can that be? the peace movement isn’t about bombs, it’s about peace?!

[ . . . ]

The anti-war movement was a sham; a cover for violent anarchists. It wasn’t actually anti-war; it was mostly anti-draft, and nothing more. It was over-indulged white males who didn’t want to be conscripted. It would never have happened if there hadn’t been a draft.

Bottom line: even today, most “peace activists” aren’t working for peace at all. A few are, like my friends Scott and Claire who run the Catholic Worker house in Worcester, Massachusetts; they try very hard to be consistent in their beliefs and to practice what they preach. But from what I can tell, most other anti-war protesters, though they don’t generally engage in physical violence like that perpetrated by Vietnam protesters of their parents’ or grandparents’ generation, are really just anti-U.S.-involvement-in-wars. Or, as Glenn Reynolds puts it, “They’re not anti-war; they’re just on the other side.”

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