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This Is the Country with Which Our President Wants to Negotiate

Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 21:17 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

How a nation’s laws treat women says a lot about the nation itself. We can draw some conclusions from the sentence an Iranian judge imposed on Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani for the crime of adultery.

Mohammadi Ashtiani was originally sentenced to 99 lashes, but the sentence was later changed to death by stoning. Under international pressure, the government again changed the sentence to death by hanging.

The man with whom Mohammadi Ashtiani committed adultery is nowhere to be found in the news stories. It is not unreasonable to think that he received either a significantly lighter sentence or none at all. But even if the man involved were also sentenced to die by stoning, the penalty is administered differently for men and gives them an advantage. A man sentenced to be stoned is buried to his waist, a woman to her neck. If the condemned manages to free him/herself, the sentence is set aside. Obviously, the one buried to the neck—always a woman—has no chance of escape, while one buried to the waist has at least a fighting chance.

The government that perpetuates such barbarism is the same government with which the Obama Administration wishes to engage in dialogue “without preconditions” and which the United Nations rewarded with election to its Commission on the Status of Women.

It takes a special kind of clueless to tender special treatment to the likes of Iran. No woman should take seriously the lip service either of this Administration or the U.N. until they come to their senses and treat Iran like the pariah it is.

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