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I Hope She Isn’t a Math Teacher

Friday, May 28, 2010, 15:36 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Why would a public employee, a teacher no less, lie in public about something the public can verify? Probably because the truth wouldn’t support her political stance, and she thought she wouldn’t get caught.

That must have been the motivation for one New Jersey teacher when she complained about her salary to Governor Chris Christie, whose education budget the teacher criticized.

[I]t turns out that that very teacher that claimed to be unfairly compensated, and that she would love to make $83,000, actually gets a salary of $86,389. Plus healthcare. plus pension.

Apparently, she didn’t get any basic intelligence, common sense, or integrity with her master’s degree. Let’s hope she isn’t representative of teachers in New Jersey.

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

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