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The "Me" President

Thursday, March 18, 2010, 21:21 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Remember when President Obama’s medical insurance regulation legislation had to be passed for the good of the country? Now that most of us don’t want it, he has come up with a new, much more important reason: the very success of his presidency. That was the reason all along, of course. Why else would such an egomaniac do anything? On Planet Barack, it’s all about him, and the rest of us are here to applaud, tell him how magnificent he is, and let him do what he wants so he can say how much he got accomplished. That is more important than the will of the governed, who are too simple to know what’s for our own good.

One [Congressional Hispanic Caucus] member told POLITICO that Obama won him over by “essentially [saying] that the fate of his presidency” hinged on this week’s health reform vote in the House. The member, who requested anonymity, likened Obama’s remarks to an earlier meeting with progressives when the president said a victory was necessary to keep him “strong” for the next three years of his term.

Another caucus member, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.), said, “We went in there already knowing his presidency would be weakened if this thing went down, but the president clearly reinforced the impression the presidency would be damaged by a loss.”

Added Serrano: “He was subtle, but that was the underlying theme of the meeting — the importance of passing this for the health of the presidency.”

How healthy does he think his presidency will be come November, when voters hand Democrats their heads on a silver platter?

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)

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