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If We Could But Touch the Hem of His Cloak

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 16:08 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

When the going gets tough, President Obama’s disciples get religion. And the religion they follow is that of their Messiah, Obama himself. So it was at the New York Times, which ran this image with an online article entitled, “As Health Vote Waits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too.” Is that violins I hear? What about harps? A choir of angels?

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The photo is credited, “Illustration by Nola Lopez, photograph by Damon Winter/The New York Times.” Ann Althouse is “not sure where the photograph ends and the illustration begins,” but I don’t think that matters. What matters is the symbolism.

So what exactly does the image symbolize? Since we’re talking about medical insurance legislation, the cross might be the familiar red cross symbol used on ambulances and first aid kits. But it isn’t red, and I have no idea why a tiny White House is at the base of it. More likely, it’s intended to evoke the Christian cross, which would also explain why Obama was given a halo. That’s it—defeating the ObamaCare bill is not only going to bring down the Obama presidency, but it is actually the same thing as crucifying Obama, the Holy One.

Next you’ll be hearing House Democrats saying, à la the wacky Pat Robertson, that God came to them in a dream and commanded them to pass the bill. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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