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Please Help Me Fight Cancer

Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 21:33 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Click here to donateOnce again, I am raising money for the American Cancer Society through their local Relay for Life event. Relay supports the cancer research, treatment, and patient support. I was a top-ten fundraiser for last year’s Worcester Relay and hope you, my loyal readers, will help me by visiting my Relay page and making a donation.

I have never met someone who has not been personally touched by cancer. Literally everyone I know either has or had cancer, knows someone who has or had cancer, or lost someone to cancer. Everyone I know. It boggles the mind to think about how widespread this disease is. No one is immune, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. People in all walks of life get cancer. The rich and famous are as much at risk as the poor and anonymous. Unless you are unique and very, very fortunate, you have been touched by cancer, too.

Many of my readers are strangers and may not feel comfortable donating on my behalf. If you are one of those people, please consider making a donation directly to the American Cancer Society or, if you are an international reader, to a similar organization in your home country.

Relay is June 18-19, so you have lots of time. If you want to come back later, a link will remain at the top of this blog until fundraising is finished in August. Thanks.

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