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Long Ago and Far Away

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You just never know what will come out of a short message on an internet site.

Way back in August 2000, I posted these two inquiries on genealogy.com, looking for information about my great-great-grandfather whose ancestors were (and, unfortunately, remain) a mystery to us. He fought for the Union side in the Civil War, a fact I stated in my posts in the hope it might grab the attention of someone with interest and knowledge in that era.

Imagine my surprise when I got the following email yesterday about my inquiry:

To: [me]
From: Floyd [Xxxx]
Subject: thomas g w jefferson

Found the following post on genealogy.com

Was in an antique store in York, SC yesterday and hanging on the wall is the a framed document, printed late 1890’s [most likely by Conn. GAR group] about Thomas G W Jefferson’s Civil War Co. stating where all he served. If you are interested in this document please let me know and I can put you in touch with the shop

We have a similar document that was given to my G-Grandfather in the early 1900’s from the GAR group in Fremont, OH, which used to hang on Grandma’s wall while I was growing up.

These are the only 2 such documents that I have ever seen.


The G.A.R. document he mentions wouldn’t shed any light on Thomas’ ancestry, but it would be a terrific addition to the family collection. My friend Karen, who is a genealogy buff, advises me that we definitely want to get a hold of it.

Incidentally, Thomas is the same man whose items my mother and I brought to Providence, Rhode Island, almost five years ago when Antiques Roadshow was there. The appraiser we spoke to, Rafe Eledge of Savannah, Tennessee, was so captivated by the items—specifically the canteen, given to Thomas by a Confederate soldier he met in hospital—that he did the appraisal on tape for the program, which first aired the following spring (details at the link). The transcript documents a small error my mother made: her reference to “Fort Jefferson” (I think she actually said “Port Jefferson”) should have been “Port Hudson.”

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