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Help Wanted, but Don’t Be Too Uppity

Friday, February 19, 2010, 15:29 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Apparently, one employer thinks unemployment is high enough that they can afford to be pickier than usual in their hiring. Exelon Nuclear Partners hired Viva USA to recruit applicants for a technical writing job, and the parties involved can’t pass the buck fast enough over this ad:

Looking for someone with nuclear experience or experience with terms/expressions commonly used in the nuclear industry….a tech saavy person is preferred. This individual will be responsible for writing proposals with the assistance of engineers, etc. Exelon Nuclear Partners sells services to foreign countries who are looking to build nuclear facilities. Excelon is looking to provide these proposals to Chinese businesses, so someone who is respectful and understands Chinese culture is preferred. An arrogant American will not work well in this role. Proposals do not need to be written in Chinese, they can be written in English.

Presumably an arrogant Frenchman would be just fine, as long as he pretends not to notice that “saavy” isn’t a word and that a comma can’t replace a semicolon between independent clauses not joined by a conjunction.

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