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The Den Mother’s Olympic Recap: Day 5

Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 19:07 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Spectator reads newspaper in the rainThey worked and worked and worked, and what thanks do they get? Warm weather, melting snow, and rain. It sucks to be the Vancouver Organizing Committee.

The people running the Olympics in Vancouver have had to cancel 20,000 tickets to snowboarding events and issue refunds because rain has rendered the standing-room-only area where those ticket holders were supposed to be unsafe for a crowd of people. I don’t know if they’re worried about people slipping or what, but it must be bad for them to forgo all that revenue and risk alienating a lot of people.

In other snowboarding news, the gracious hosts, in the person of Maelle Ricker, won the gold in women’s snowboard cross. American Lindsey Jacobellis, whose infamous premature celebration in Torino caused a fall that cost her gold, had a much more forgivable mishap and veered off the course, thus failing to qualify for the medal heat. I’m no snowboard expert, but it looked to me as if her board came very close to brushing another board, and perhaps an effort to avoid a collision caused her to lose her balance. It certainly didn’t look like anything stupid like what she did in Turin. Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned.

Curling got underway for both the men and women, and I watched Japan beat the American women in the first session. Since it has been four years since I watched curling, I had to go online and refresh myself on the method of scoring. Then I found out the U.S. men also lost, earlier in the day. I think that if I’m going to watch them faithfully, they should start winning. Those in the U.S. interested in checking out this somewhat addictive sport can watch it on CNBC, MSNBC, and USA Network.

Elsewhere on ice, the women’s hockey bloodbaths continued with a 13-0 American victory over Russia. It’s stunning how far behind the U.S. and Canada other countries are in women’s hockey, even as they have strong men’s programs. Team Canada plays Norway today, so expect the slaughter to go on.

German women cleaned up yesterday in the medal count, winning gold in 10km biathlon pursuit, gold and bronze in single luge, and silver in 500m speed skating. That was enough to move them into first place with nine total medals, one more than the United States. They are also one of three countries to have three gold medals so far, the others being South Korea and Switzerland.

I ended my TV watching with the men’s figure skating short program, at the end of which that smug Russian with the really bad mullet, Evgeni Plushenko, found himself in the lead but just barely. Breathing down his neck are American Evan Lysacek, who I thought actually skated a slightly better program, and Japan’s Daisuke Takahashi. Everyone else is far enough behind that only a major implosion by one of the top three would open up a medal spot. The men’s free skate is tomorrow.

Today’s medal events include the women’s downhill, which is about to get underway as I write. Look for American Lindsey Vonn, who claims to be doing fine after trouble with a bruised shin. Other medals to be awarded today are in men’s and women’s individual sprint cross country, men’s 1000m speed skating, women’s 500m short track speed skating, men’s snowboard halfpipe, and men’s double luge.

The Vancouver 2010 web site has more details about results, medals, and schedules.

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  1. Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 19:29 EDT at 19:29

    Yet another rout in a women’s ice hockey game! I am not surprised. Just have the USA play Canada for the gold medal already and get this tournament over with!

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