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The Den Mother’s Long Weekend

Monday, February 15, 2010, 03:27 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

This has been a three-day weekend for me, but not for the reason readers are thinking. George Washington being one of the federally honored people my employer chooses not to recognize, I will be at work tomorrow. But I took a PTO day Friday to kick off my weekend of fun.

Friday — Karen and I drove to Newton, hopped the T, and arrived at Fenway Park in enough time to do some shopping at the Yawkey Way Store (I bought a Bruins Winter Classic t-shirt on sale), watch the last of the equipment get loaded onto the truck, and see it off at noon. That was the purpose of the trip, but since we went through all that trouble to get there, we took advantage of the free afternoon to have lunch at Boston Beer Works and then walked to the Museum of Fine Arts. I confess to getting the location wrong and walking way past where we wanted to be, thus adding about a mile and a half into what should have been a 0.6 mile walk. But at least we got our exercise for the day.

It has been several years since I was at the MFA. You could spend a full day or two to see everything, but with limited time and even less energy remaining after our long walk, we carefully selected four exhibits: the permanent exhibits of musical instruments, European Masters, and Impressionism, plus a special exhibit called Secrets of Tomb 10A.

Though exhausted, I stayed up to watch the Olympic opening ceremony, which I blogged about at the time. I got to bed way too late and felt a migraine coming on, which is never a good sign. Add to that a couple emotional moments that afternoon and evening, and I felt like I very easily could have slept several hours late on Saturday morning. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Saturday — Lisa from work invited me to a rosary breakfast, so I was up and out the door at 9:00 after too little sleep and feeling somewhat fragile in light of the aforementioned emotional moments and another one Saturday morning. It turned out I needed to be there; the organizer put a scripture verse at each place setting, each one different, and mine what exactly what I needed to hear:

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge him, and he will direct and make straight and plain your paths.

—Proverbs 3:5-6

Unfortunately, scripture isn’t necessarily effective at fighting migraines, and mine put me to bed for the afternoon. Thanks to the wonder of modern pharmaceuticals, though, I was back in action in plenty of time to meet up with Louise and go to the Worcester Chamber Music Society‘s Brandenburg Extravaganza.

If you love J.S. Bach in general, and the Brandenburg Concerti in particular, this concert was a dream, a small ensemble similar to what Bach may have envisioned when he wrote the Brandenburgs, delivering technically superb and emotionally moving performance. The program included Nos. 3-6 (not in order), a highlight of which was the long harpsichord cadenza in the first movemement of No. 5. But my personal favorite part of the concert was the first movement of No. 4, which has an interplay of flute and violin that is one of the most sublimely beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. It was a moment I ached to share with someone special who was hundreds of miles away. Nothing personal against Louise, who is a wonderful friend and recreational companion, but she isn’t the love of my life.

Sunday — After a post to the the absent LOML, I donned Valentine’s Day red and drove to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for brunch with the women of Massachusetts Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Phi, which just welcomed its Spring 2010 new members (what we used to call “pledges”). It was a lot of driving there and back for a relatively short event, but I am so thrilled to have a chapter near me that I don’t mind doing what I can as an alumna to support them. By the time I got home, still experiencing the post-migraine hangover, I decided to vegetate for the rest of the day and watch the Olympics. And that’s what I am doing now.

Speaking of the Olympics, I realize that only three days in, I have already failed at my goal of daily recaps. I start a new week with some catching up to do.

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