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You’d Think That after All These Years, I’d Be Used to Winter

Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 17:33 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Click to see largerSnow is coming, or so they say. I grabbed an image of the regional radar about 45 minutes ago, and we’re on the edge of a big hole in the snow. We’re supposed to get several inches where I am, more to the south. The National Weather Service total snowfall predictions show us getting about 7 inches. I hope isn’t too heavy because I don’t want to strain a muscle shoveling.

I complain about it, but the fact is that New Englanders are accustomed to snow storms and, more importantly, are equipped to handle them. Every state, county, city, and most towns have with their own plow, sand, and salt trucks, not to mention contractors signed in advance to help. It isn’t like Washington, DC, which has gotten slammed in the last couple weeks. They can’t handle this stuff. It isn’t that they don’t know it’s coming, it just isn’t financially sensible for them to spend all the money on fleets of vehicles to handle something that may happen, on average, every few years. This year, though, hasn’t been average. And it appears that conditions currently are so severe that some municipalities in the nation’s capital and southern Maryland have suspended snow removal operations.

If they wait until May, the snow will all be gone and they won’t have to do anything.

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