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Some People Never Learn

Thursday, February 4, 2010, 22:17 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

President Obama isn’t the only real slow learner in Washington these days. Many just like him populate the halls of Congress as well.

The health care bill is in trouble, but a series of narrow deals — each designed to win over a wavering senator or key interest group — is alive and well, despite voter anger over the parochial horse-trading that marked the rush toward passage before Christmas.

[ . . . ]

… House liberals want to reopen the labor deal struck just days before Democrats lost their 60-vote majority — not to dial it back but to provide more generous protections from the tax on Cadillac insurance plans.

[ . . . ]

… [T]here is no visible movement to erase a Medicaid deal with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) that she has said is worth $300 million, three times the amount of Nelson’s agreement.

Or to strike a line item that exempts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan from a 40 percent tax on insurers that provide expensive health plans. Or to remove a provision that sends an extra $500 million in Medicaid funding to Massachusetts and $600 million to Vermont for being leaders in providing health insurance to their residents.

Read the rest, including the two more pages of the article beyond that from which I have quoted.

The rich irony is that this news is coming out as Scott Brown is about to be sworn in as Massachusetts’ junior Senator. Brown was elected on the strength of the independent vote, people who usually vote Democratic but were finally fed up enough to switch sides. And believe me, that doesn’t happen in Massachusetts. I don’t recall in my lifetime a Republican serving as Senator, Representative, or Governor who was a real conservative. Anyone who thinks that election wasn’t a bellwether is in deep denial.

Someone who cares should take Congressional Democrats aside and inform them that they’re shooting themselves in the collective foot (and knee, and groin, and stomach). They are clearly too high on the drugs of power and pork to feel the pain, but if they don’t cut it out, they’ll be hurting a lot more come November. Already, some Democrats are publicly rebelling against the White House and Congressional leadership, on health care, the budget, the Guantanamo prison, you name it.

Still, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al. refuse to budge. Whether that reflects stubbornness or stupidity isn’t yet clear. Perhaps it’s both.

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