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They Were Probably Saving the Kids from Voodoo or Catholicism

Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 22:25 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

That is my assessment of the motives of the members of New Life Children’s Refuge who were arrested trying to smuggle 33 Haitian children out of the country.

OK, so maybe I have their motivation wrong. Or maybe not. Some of those arrested belong to a Baptist church in Idaho. Some varieties of Baptists consider Voodoo and Catholicism (Papism, they used to call it, and maybe some still do) to be the work of the devil. Anyway, the church’s web site currently has a message asserting its members were falsely arrested.

It is plausible that the volunteers thought what they were doing was legal and in the best interest of the children, since at least some chidren’s parents said they voluntarily relinquished their children.

CBS’ Bill Whitaker went to the home village of 20 of the children, and were told by the children’s parents and siblings they willingly signed their children over to the Americans.

To get a better life, one woman said. “We have nothing; look around here.”

Still, laws and procedures are there for a reason, to bring order to chaos. In a chaotic crisis situation such as has existed in Haiti since the earthquake, the process of relinquishing chidren for adoption should be more deliberative, not less, if for no other reason than to prevent errors that could have devastating effects on children and families. Instead of trying to remove the children from the country in the midst of the crisis, the volunteers should have agreed to provide for the children and their families locally until the situation stabilized. Besides, with the already-poor of the country now facing even more dire living conditions, the parents’ decisions could be said to have been made under extreme duress, even if the pressure came from the circumstances and not the volunteers.

Incidentally, the Den Mother’s Special Edition Stupid Remark of the Day Award goes to the woman who tried to justify the group’s actions by explaining the kids really wanted to go:

“We showed them where we were going, and they were excited to go with us,” said Laura Silsby of New Life Children’s Refuge.

Well, yeah. They saw a chance to get out of the hell they were living in. But I’ll bet they didn’t think they were going to be gone forever.

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