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So That’s Why Coakley Lost

Friday, January 22, 2010, 14:35 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Really, I should check in with Iowahawk at least every other day. if I did, I wouldn’t have missed this pricesless post on Wednesday, courtesy of Caroline Kennedy’s former housekeeper:

Special Post-Election Analysis
by Rosa Ortiz
Former Chief of Housekeeping Staff, Coakley For Senate Campaign

I have been in this country for now many years and I have learn many things. Like to put the 20% away for the rainy day. Do no to mix the permanent press with the cottons. And as Dio is my witness, do no never take the job for the Kennedys.

[ . . . ]

But the one day it is the phone ringing.

“Ola Rosa, it is Senora Kennedy. No no no! Please to no hang up! I have the very good job opportunity for you! In the Massachusetts.”

I am ask her, is this for to work for another Kennedy like your drunk sobrinos? She say, “no no no Rosa, it is for to work for mi amiga Senora Coakley. She is going to win Tio Teddy’s family seat with the Senate, and she need the light housekeeping and campaign helping…

I am having the very mix feelings about this. I am pray to the Guadelupe for the guidance. Many times I have clean up the mess for Tio Teddy when he is barracho. But que Dios le bendiga, he always pay Rosa the nice bonus on Navidad to stay quiet about it. So I say, “okay, Senora, I will take the job.”

And it gets better from there. Check it out; as always with Iowahawk, you will not be disappointed.

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