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Election Day Humor

Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 18:23 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Hobbes laughingWith the special Senatorial election in Massachusetts finally here, the Den Mother realizes that a great many people have worked very hard on behalf of their respective preferred candidates: either Scott Brown (R), Martha Coakley (D), or Joe Kennedy (L). I have compiled some amusing snippets from around the blogosphere and present them for those who want to take a brief laughter break.

From Iowahawk on the importance of defeating Brown:

If — God forbid — Brown wins, he will be the first Republican elected in the state since Cotton Mather, and America will soon descend into a post-apocalyptic fundamentalist hellscape of witch trials and cross-burnings, interrupted only by the ritual mass bulldozing of corpses killed by lack of access to affordable health care. Not to mention relaxed federal fuel efficiency standards!

From Jim Treacher on Coakley’s many gaffes:

Speaking of making enemies for life with the entire population of Boston, she also said Curt Schilling is a Yankees fan. This was news to Schilling. And everybody in Boston. And everybody else who’s ever even heard of baseball. Coakley hasn’t accused Tom Brady of being a Colts fan yet, but we still have a few hours left in the campaign.

From neo-neocon on comparisons to other candidates:

Brown is the male Sarah Palin—with a law degree.
Coakley is the female John Kerry—without the charm.

From DailyComedy.com on the campaign’s nastiness factor:

The campaigns of Scott Brown and Martha Coakley exchanged angry jibes Monday as emotions in the crucial Massachusetts Senate contest seemed to reach the boiling point in its final day of campaigning. What’s going on here? You would think they were fighting over a late-night talk show.

Smile. It’ll make the wait at the polls go by faster.

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