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Local Woman Still Missing in Haiti

Monday, January 18, 2010, 00:41 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

The town of Rutland, Massachusetts, is about a half hour’s drive from me. It’s a small rural town whose businesses include a bison farm. It is far from Haiti—geographically, culturally, and economically—but the town is connected with the earthquake-devastated nation because one of its residents is among the tens of thousands of earthquake victims still missing.

Britney Gengel’s family and her Lynn University classmates who already have made it back safe from the rubble of Haiti waited fretfully and shed tears of anguish yesterday, as the fifth day since the crushing earthquake passed with still no word of the 19-year-old Rutland student’s whereabouts.

[ . . . ]

Four female students, including Britney, and two faculty members remain missing.

Two days after last Tuesday’s quake, officials at Florida’s Lynn University were given incorrect information saying their missing people had been found.

Although the news from Port-au-Prince continues to be bad, it appears that outlying villages are in much better shape. Our pastor announced this morning that the town of Roche-a-Bateau sustained only minor damage from the quake, the epicenter of which was about 90-95 miles away. And I heard on Fox News this evening that a city or town north of Port-au-Prince is offering to care for some of the injured at their hospital, which is undamaged and has available beds and staff. The problem appears to be that, just as it’s hard to get into the areas with the worst damage and injuries, it is equally as hard to get out.

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