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Obama Creates Two Americas

Friday, January 15, 2010, 17:14 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Because Barack Obama is a crook and a liar, and doesn’t even have the self-respect to try to hide it, he has reneged yet again on his campaign pledges to 1) open “health care reform” negotations to C-SPAN cameras and 2) refuse to cave in to special interests. Obama has successfully bribed labor unions to support his boondoggle in much the same way he bribed Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson.

Unions tentatively struck a deal Tuesday to exempt collectively bargained healthcare plans from a tax on high-cost plans expected to be used to help raise revenue for the healthcare overhaul.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern and United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger met with House Speaker Pelosi Tuesday, a day after labor leaders met at the White House to express their opposition to the excise tax.

[ . . . ]

Exempting collectively bargained plans would appease unions that often offer expensive health plans in lieu of higher wages. The deal could also help Obama avoid breaking his promise not to tax those earning less than $200,000. Obama recently expressed a preference for the excise tax.

We should have listened to former presidential candidate John Edwards when he said there were “two Americas.” There is the America that gets money for voting the way this corrupt administration wants them to vote, and there is another America in which honest people get screwed.

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