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How to Deplete a Cell Phone Battery in Eight Hours or Less, and Other Lessons

Friday, January 15, 2010, 12:27 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Click here for Pandora internet radioThe Den Mother seems to have lost her mp3 player. It is somewhere in my house, but I haven’t yet figured out which piece of furniture it fell behind/under. Bummer. Work just isn’t the same without music playing in the background. And since I get lousy radio reception in my office building and our ever-so-helpful corporate IT department has decided that internet radio is a waste of company bandwidth, I had to get creative.

Just as I was prepared to gather up several music CDs and haul them in with me Wednesday morning, I remembered that I had installed the Pandora internet radio app on my BlackBerry a few weeks ago at the suggestion of the Den Son, who like his Mama must always have music at the ready. That’s one of maybe two or three things I actually didn’t screw up in raising him. It’s miraculous, really, that he turned out so well. But I digress.

Pandora worked fabulously. I simply plugged the computer speakers into the headphone jack on the BlackBerry and let ‘er rip.

All was well until about 4:15, when the “low battery” light started flashing. Dang. My USB data/power cable was at home and I still had about an hour and a half of work to do. Reluctantly, I shut down Pandora, put the phone on standby, and hoped I didn’t get a phone call until I was in my car and could plug into the car charger.

Which is what I did. And while I was at it, since the radio stations I usually listen to on the commute weren’t doing anything for me, I plugged the phone into the auxiliary jack and fired up Pandora again. It was nice accompaniment for Amy and me as we drove to Burlington for dinner with our sorority sisters.

All was well until I tried to make a phone call using my bluetooth headset. For some reason, I wasn’t hearing anything in the headset; I had to hold the phone to my ear instead, thus defeating the purpose of a bluetooth headset. Then I realized that my calls weren’t going through. More accurately, they were going through, but I couldn’t hear anything and the person on the receiving end of the call heard only a strange buzzing tone.

Evidently, one cannot make a call while the phone is plugged into the car’s auxiliary audio hook-up. Who knew? Not I, until that moment.

That’s when I switched to regular radio, which by then I was ignoring because Amy and I yakked for the rest of the drive. From that point on, my bluetooth worked fine. And we had a great time at dinner, demonstrating to the restaurant’s other patrons that girls, however young or old, just wanna have fun. Incidentally, if there is a Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant near you, I highly recommend checking it out. I had balsamic glazed salmon with pineapple salsa, grilled asparagus, and rice pilaf, plus a half bottle of wine that I let Amy drink, for $20 plus tax and tip. Yummy.

Anyhoo, as if the day’s phone difficulties weren’t enough to humble me, I got home, opened up my new camera, and promptly became confused (see yesterday’s post). Ordinarily, I consider myself reasonably tech-savvy, but yesterday I just felt like such a—hmmm, what’s the word I’m looking for?—such a Luddite.

(Yes, LOML, that is a reference meant just for you.)

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