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That’s All, Folks

Monday, January 11, 2010, 15:12 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

There isn’t much to say about yesterday’s game wherein the New England Patriots did a bad imitation of a football team. I can’t be the only person who kept thinking I was having bad flashbacks to Super Bowl XX. Even having Wes hobble onto the field on crutches to represent the Pats for the coin toss didn’t help. Hey, at least the brave Ravens fans we met at The Hall on Saturday got their money’s worth.

As far as I’m concerned, though, football is over. Or as we say in Boston: O-V-A-H, ovah. I’ll be going to a Super Bowl party in a few weeks—because what else will there be to do but watch reruns on TV or drink? And my doctor won’t let me drink any more—but I won’t be watching the game, regardless of who is in it.

Hey, when is truck day? (Caption for the picture: from left, the Illinois Guys we met in Kenmore Station, yours truly with really long hair, Beazer expounding on something undoubtedly important, and Karen waving passionate farewells to the 2008 Red Sox equipment truck. Good times!)

(Edited to fix broken link.)

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