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Before the Game, a Fun Diversion

Sunday, January 10, 2010, 03:50 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Click for larger imagePatriots fans don’t necessarily have high expectations for their suddenly Wes Welker-free team going into the playoffs. I predict the Pats will win in the first round, although I can’t muster much optimism after that. And just in case I’m wrong about tomorrow and the season comes to an abrupt end against the Ravens, I reveled in Patriot wonderfulness today with the Den Nephew at The Hall at Patriot Place.

If you’re in the vicinity of Foxboro and haven’t gotten there yet, I highly recommend a trip. It isn’t huge—two floors—but very well done. In addition to Patriots history and the team’s Hall of Fame, the exhibits include high school and collegiate football in New England. There is currently a temporary exhibit recognizing the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Football League, of which the Patriots were a charter franchise.

But what guarantees The Hall will interest for visitors of all ages is the collection of interactive exhibits. We answered Pats trivia, tried to kick a field goal, stepped into the footprints of Gino Cappelletti and Andre Tippett, tried on a championship ring, compared our weights to Vince Wilfork, tried to block Tedy Bruschi at the line of scrimmage, climbed aboard a Duck Boat, suited up in full game gear, and more. The picture above shows us just hanging out on the bench.

It’s amazing to see what fans will do in support of their team when they’re down. Adolfo Gonzalez from The Sports Hub donned pads and a uniform and set out yesterday to walk—carrying (sort of) Welker on his back—from the station’s Boston studio to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. It’s a 24-mile route, and it’s COLD outside. He’s supposed to limp into Gillette tomorrow just before game time. That’s dedication.

Read about Adolfo’s trek via Twitter.

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